My Guide to Humanist Wedding Ceremonies

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A humanist wedding ceremony is a favourite among couples who want the freedom to structure their special day according to their preference. Humanist celebrations are typically non-religious affairs, where the focus is on creating a welcoming atmosphere that is inclusive and personally tailored to the couple’s journey in life together. 

The Freedom to Express

Because humanist ceremonies are unbound by tradition, couples have the freedom to express their love in their own unique way. This freedom allows the creation of compelling visual moments that lend themselves superbly to being captured and immortalised in photography. It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that many couples who opt for Humanist Ceremonies do so because they want the freedom to incorporate significant symbolism that they as a couple cherish. 

From a visual perspective, humanist weddings are a photographer’s dream. Many humanist ceremonies include a consultation with the photographer to discuss how best those special moments can be captured.

Humanist Wedding Ceremonies

Humanist Weddings are not bound by ritual structure. Across almost all cultures, wedding ceremonies follow a set of events. Couples create an atmosphere of expectation as the wedding goers wait for their entrance. The groom arrives first, followed by the bride. Some cultures create even more expectations by veiling the bride and revealing her beauty to her future husband when he draws back the veil. Then the couple exchange vows and oaths. Once that is completed, the union is celebrated.

Humanist weddings can follow this basic structure, or couples can create their unique ceremony. They can make up their vows or have guests joining in during parts of the proceedings. This may sound like any other non-traditional wedding ceremony, but humanist celebrations keep the focus on the couple and their unique story.

Humanist Wedding Celebrants

Humanist weddings are presided over by individuals called Celebrants. Who, by training and experience, are perfectly positioned to guide couples through the planning and execution of their weddings.

Celebrants take the time to get to know the couples and can guide them into telling their unique love stories. It’s important to note that you are free to interview celebrants and find one that you connect with.

On the days leading up to and during the wedding, celebrants will assist couples throughout the entire process. Celebrants are also the individuals who conduct the most sacred part of the wedding ceremony, namely the exchange of vows. Be sure to involve your celebrant as much as you are comfortable with, as they can add an extra dimension to your special day.


One of the main thrusts behind the growing popularity of humanist weddings is that they are inclusive. Humanists place no restrictions on religious, sexual, gender, spectrums or views. 

The focus is purely on the union of humans in love and assisting them in expressing that love during the wedding ceremony. That’s why members of the LGBTQI+ community often prefer humanist ceremonies. 

Their welcoming attitude helps place couples at ease from the get-go, adding to the enjoyment and ensuring that all guests feel valued and comfortable.

Tradition and Novelty

Humanist weddings are the perfect option for atheists or other individuals with non-traditional religious views. 

You will also find that many humanist weddings incorporate novelty. Couples with a passion for contact sports could get married in an octagon dressed as martial artists and with their wedding vows custom written to express their enthusiasm for fighting. 

Or, instead of traditional hymns, the congregation could be singing popular rock songs, like at karaoke. The only limit is your imagination and your budget.


Traditional religious ceremonies may not fit the temperament or sensitivities of the couple. Humanist celebrants pride themselves on their readiness to let anything go and will incorporate your religious views into the ceremony if you so wish. This make’s it the ideal wedding format for those who want to blend traditional beliefs with their unique take on things.


The unique formats of humanist weddings provide novel photographic opportunities. Professionals photographers with experience in humanist weddings are better suited to ensure that all the memorable moments get captured in the best possible compositions. 

As a well-established wedding photography company, we are ready to assist you in exploring the full range of possibilities that humanist weddings offer, while also prepared to advise you on the best way to capture those special moments forever.

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