A Wedding Photographers Guide to Family Group Images on the Wedding Day

Wedding day Group shots top tips

Picture this: a blissful wedding day filled with laughter, love, and the occasional chaotic family gathering for photos. Family pictures are an essential part of any wedding album, but they can also be a source of endless amusement and, at times, logistical challenges. Fear not, soon-to-be-wedded wonders! In this whimsical guide, we’ll show you how to wrangle your relatives, capture priceless moments, and keep your sanity intact. So, grab your camera-ready smile and let’s dive into the delightful world of family portraits


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Enlist Helpers to Round Up Guests When it comes to family photos, the more hands, the merrier! Recruit some trusted friends or family members to act as “photo wranglers” on the big day. These enthusiastic helpers can assist in gathering and organising your loved ones, ensuring that no one is left behind or wandering off to the bar. Plus, it adds an element of organiSed chaos that will undoubtedly result in some hilarious memories.


Make a List, Check It Twice: Group Photos From Big to Small Organization is key when it comes to orchestrating family portraits. Create a comprehensive shot list in advance, starting with the largest groups and working your way down to smaller ones. By tackling the big and boisterous groups first, you’ll have the energy to handle those intimate shots later. Remember, order is key, but don’t forget to embrace the delightful unpredictability of family dynamics.


Generational Delight: Prioritize the Little Ones and Grandparents
When planning your family portraits, give some extra thought to the littlest members and the wisest souls in the room. Start with capturing those adorable children and precious grandparents first. Kids can become restless, and grandparents might need some extra time to find their perfect pose. Plus, seeing their beaming smiles will set the tone for a joyful photoshoot experience.

Give yourself enough time

Tick-Tock, Round-Up O’Clock: Allow Ample Time for Family Portraits
Family photos can sometimes take longer than expected, so be sure to factor in sufficient time in your wedding day schedule. Trust me, rounding up relatives can be a bit like herding cats, especially if they’re busy catching up with long-lost cousins or exploring the canapĂ© selection. Give yourself a buffer and enjoy the process. After all, the best memories are made when you embrace the chaos.


Communication is Key: Let Your Loved Ones Know in Advance Avoid any surprises on the day by informing your family members in advance that they’ll be part of the family portraits. Let them know when and where the photos will take place, ensuring they come prepared with their brightest smiles. Clear communication helps to avoid Aunt Edna

back up plan

Indoor Plan B: When Nature Doesn’t Cooperate While outdoor settings can create stunning backdrops for family portraits, Mother Nature doesn’t always play nice. Be prepared with an indoor backup plan, just in case the weather decides to throw a tantrum. Having a designated indoor area ensures you won’t be scrambling for cover or worrying about frizzy hair and soggy tuxedos. Your family will thank you for keeping them dry and comfortable.


Quantity vs. Quality: Determining Your Guest Count Consider the number of family members you’ll be capturing in your wedding portraits. If you come from a large and boisterous clan, prepare yourself for a photo marathon. On the other hand, if your family gatherings are more intimate, you’ll have more time to focus on capturing unique and heartfelt moments. Remember, it’s not the number of photos that matter but the genuine connections they represent. I do recommend about 10ish groups of photos so that you don’t want to beat everyone up! (obviously if you want more I will more than definitely do them)

Top tip – if you want to keep the daytime group pictures to a minimum, remember we still have plenty of time on the dance floor. So grab all your pals and get a cool group shot with the funky dance floor lights int he background!


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