A wedding photographers guide to the most epic confetti shots!

Confetti Chaos: a photographer's guide to epic confetti photos

Welcome, confetti enthusiasts! If you’re dreaming of a confetti-filled wedding extravaganza that would make even a disco ball jealous, you’ve come to the right place. As a wedding photographer with a front-row seat to confetti chaos, I’m here to sprinkle some laughter and wisdom on your glittery path. So, grab a confetti cannon (or ten) and let’s dive into this sparkling adventure with a healthy dose of humor and relaxation!

  1. More Confetti, Please: The Glitter Quota Quandary
    When it comes to confetti, remember the golden rule: you can never have too much! Trust me, you’ll want to go big or go home when it comes to creating a confetti storm that would make a unicorn blush. Opt for an abundance of confetti, because let’s face it, half-hearted sprinkles just won’t cut it. Your photographer will thank you for the confetti-filled visual feast they’ll capture.

  2. Earth-Friendly Festivities: The Biodegradable Confetti Brigade
    While we’re all for creating a confetti spectacle, let’s not forget our dear planet Earth. Choose biodegradable confetti options that won’t leave a glittery trail of guilt behind. This way, you can revel in the confetti madness without worrying about harming the environment. Remember, there’s nothing more magical than spreading joy without leaving a harmful trace!

  3. Confetti Cannons: Embracing the Explosive Delight
    Ready, aim, confetti! Take your confetti game to the next level with the mighty confetti cannons. These glorious inventions unleash a torrential downpour of shimmering delight, creating a confetti storm that will leave your guests in awe. Just be sure to give a heads-up to your photographer, so they can brace themselves and capture the explosive chaos with finesse.

  4. Scrap Cones and Bags: The Hurdles of Confetti Throwing
    While adorable scrap cones and bags may seem like a great idea, they can pose a challenge when it’s time to throw confetti. Picture this: guests fumbling with their cones, trying to fling confetti while maintaining an expression of sheer delight. It’s a comedy show waiting to happen! Opt for loose confetti instead, allowing your guests to unleash their inner confetti wizards with ease.

  5. Smile and Face Forward: A Photographer’s Dream Shot
    As the confetti rain cascades down, keep a smile on your face and gaze forward with enthusiasm. Your photographer will be poised to capture that spontaneous burst of joy on film. Avoid the temptation to shield your face or run for cover—embrace the confetti chaos and let the magic unfold. You’ll be rewarded with photographs that radiate pure happiness and whimsy. For that epic shot stop in the middle and at the end for a wee smooch.

  6. Drink-Free Delight: Spare Your Cocktail from Confetti Invasion
    As tempting as it may be to have a refreshing beverage in hand while reveling in the confetti shower, be warned: drinks and confetti don’t mix. Confetti has a sneaky way of infiltrating every nook and cranny, turning your drink into a colorful, crunchy surprise. So, set your beverage aside for a brief moment and indulge in the confetti madness without risking a confetti-coated cocktail.

With these confetti-licious tips in your arsenal, you’re ready to create a wedding celebration that leaves a trail of sparkling memories. From an abundance of confetti to earth-friendly choices, confetti cannons, and avoiding confetti-conquered cocktails, your confetti toss will be a joyous, laughter-filled extravaganza. So, grab that confetti cannon, sprinkle some confetti love and have an awesome day.

Here are my absolute faves:




Some guests will always be wideos, even if I give them the chat - THROW IT UP, NOT AT! Poor Laura


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