A Wedding photographers guide to the wedding morning

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Think about where you are going to get ready – Do you want to travel on the day or do you want to get ready at your venue. I often recommend getting ready at your venue. I understand you may have a home where you would like to get ready in but you need to think about lots of different things like –


How far is the travel distance?

How long will it actually take to travel that distance?

Road Closures

Events that might be happening

You need to think about hiring/ arranging transport

Bringing all of your clothes/ bags/ anything you need at the venue


The benefits of staying at your venue is that everything is already there. you wont have any added stress trying to get everything into the car. It also gives you more time with your photographer as there wont be any time where you are travelling. 

Make a list – have a list of everything you need to take with you so you don’t forget anything important. 

Hire awesome vendors – having vendors you can trust can save you lots of stress. Vendors can make or break your day so focus on picking someone who will add to your day and you can trust. Awesome hairdressers and Make up Artists will also leave you feeling a million dollars all day long

Make up artists and photographers will love you if you have lots of nice window light as this is the most flattering light to apply make up and take beautiful pictures. 

Snackssssss – Arrange for some food and drinks on the morning of the wedding, you likely wont feel hungry but make sure you eat something as its ages before you will get a chance to eat again and if you are anything like me you will get hangry haha 


Clutter – I will document your day as it happens so if you don’t want Asda bags in the background of your images have an area in the room where all your clutter and clothes will go. 

Top tip – Get a basket for each person getting ready in your room, this allows them to have an area to pop all their stuff! This means your wedding suite wont be a tip! Everything gets dumped in the baskets and taken to the right room or car. Think – Jammies, clothes, bras, socks, shoes, all the things that would end up in your beautiful bridal suite! 

Delegate – Have specific people who will help on the day. Have an emergency contact for guests and vendors, you wont want to be dealing with stressful situations on the day so let others deal with any issues and they can decide if you need to know about it. Someone to feed and water you – most brides forget to eat and drink on the morning as they are busy doing lots of other things so having someone handing you food and drinks is helpful.  

Flowers – If your flowers are brought in water make sure someone takes them out about 20-30 mins before you need to go and dries them with a towel (this stops water marks on the outfits) 

Dress – Put your dress on 30 minutes before you think you need to, this allows you to take a couple of minutes before you need to leave to have a breather.  Getting ready in the morning can get a little stressful at the end if you feel like you are running out of time. 

Accessories – have your dress, shows, perfume, jewellery and anything else you would like photographed together. 



Make sure someone cleans up your room so its nice and tidy when you go to bed drunk and tired later! 

I hope these tips have helped you so you can enjoy your day!


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