A Wedding Photographers Guide to getting Killer Dance Floor Shots

KMP Campbell and Brian The Clydeside distillery

Shake, Rattle, and roll: a photographer's guide to capturing epic dance floor moments

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KMP Campbell and Brian The Clydeside distillery

Hey there, party animals! As a photographer with a passion for capturing the wildest dance floor moments, I’m here to spill the beans on how to make your wedding reception a dance-a-thon extravaganza. Get ready to strut your stuff, bust a move, and create memories that will have your guests talking for years to come. So, lace up your dancing shoes, and let’s groove to the rhythm of epic dance floor pictures!

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: Nail Your First Dance Routine
    Start your dance floor journey on the right foot by practicing your first dance routine. Not only will this help you feel more confident and coordinated, but it will also create a breathtaking moment for your guests to witness. So, grab your partner, cue the music, and rehearse your way to a show-stopping first dance.


  2. Confetti Cannons: Add an Explosive Twist to Your First Dance
    Ready to kick things up a notch? Consider incorporating confetti cannons into your first dance. Imagine the magic of shimmering confetti raining down as you sway to the music. It’s an epic moment that will leave everyone in awe and make for some seriously Instagram-worthy dance floor pictures. Just be sure to let your photographer in on the confetti action so they can capture the confetti chaos in all its glory.


  3. Bridal Party Boogie: Get Your Squad on the Dance Floor
    Who says the dance floor is just for the newlyweds? Invite your bridal party, friends and family up to circle the dance floor! Having your best friends and loved ones rocking around the dance floor with you creates a lively and infectious atmosphere. Plus, it gives your photographer the opportunity to capture candid moments and hilarious dance moves. So, round up your squad, and let the dance party begin!


  4. Pump Up the Jams: Get the Dance Floor Packed from the Start
    To ensure a dance floor that’s buzzing with energy, kick off the reception with a bang! Request your DJ or band to play a set of bangers for the first five songs. These high-energy tracks will entice even the shyest guests to hit the dance floor. By keeping the momentum going, your photographer will have ample opportunities to capture everyone’s moves and grooves.


  5. Give Yourself Space: Clear the Dance Floor for Picture-Perfect Moments
    Creating enough space on the dance floor is crucial for your photographer to navigate and capture those epic dance floor shots. Ensure there’s ample room for guests to boogie down without feeling cramped. Clear any unnecessary obstacles and encourage guests to make way for unforgettable dance floor memories.


  6. Stay in the Spotlight: Dance and Document Simultaneously
    As the newlyweds, you are the life of the party, and your energy sets the tone for the entire dance floor. Stay in the spotlight and let loose! Dance your hearts out, mingle with guests, and enjoy the celebration to the fullest. Your photographer will be there, stealthily capturing the magic as it unfolds. After all, the best pictures happen when you’re having the time of your life.


  7. Hire a Bloody Awesome Band or DJ: Set the Dance Floor on Fire
    A great band or DJ can make or break the dance floor experience. Choose a music maestro who knows how to read the crowd, play crowd-pleasing tunes, and keep the party going all night long. A fantastic music selection will have everyone grooving, creating countless moments for your photographer to snap.

With these dance floor secrets in your arsenal, you’re on track to having the most epic wedding reception ever. From nailing your first dance routine and adding confetti cannons to getting your bridal party on the dance

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My absolute favourite bands and DJ’s

1. The Big Papas – https://www.thebigpapas.co.uk

2. The splendid Gentlemen – https://www.splendidgentlemen.co.uk

3. The Soundtrax – https://www.elitebands.co.uk/entertainment/bands/the-soundtrax/

4. Ernest  – https://ernestband.com

5. Tartan Entertainment (DJ) – http://www.wearetartan.com

6. Dewars Entertainment (DJ) – https://www.dewarsentertainment.com


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