newborn photography glasgow

I am a photographer based just outside Glasgow, I absolutley love lifestyle family photography.

Are you usually out exploring, trying new parks or just love the great outdoors. Fab, let’s go together. Or would you rather stay at home and play board games and snuggle in front of the tv cool let’s document that. Let me tag along with you no matter what brings you joy and capture the connections and personalities of the family before they get too big and stop wanting those tight squeezes.


Before the shoot

We will chat lots about your family, what you like/dislike, what your children are like wither they are shy or adventurous, we will use this information to decide where you think would be best to arrange the shoot. This could be at home snuggled into your fave reading spot, at the beach splashing in the waves or exploring a new spot with hills and beautiful views.

During the shoot

I will work closely with you and the children to capture the family! It is all about you and the bond you have. Sessions usually last around an hour it will depend on how the child feels, if they are tired we may finish earlier or if they are shy we may need a little longer to get those shots.

After the shoot

I will head home and back up all the images and edit a sneak peak for you and post it to social media. Behind the scenes I will be editing away and will have the images ready in 2 weeks. I will then show you your images as well as the products you can purchase.


Pay the session fee deposit


Let's get planning


Your kind words

The pictures are beautiful and Kirsty was so professional throughout

Family photography – how it works

I love capturing your family and the bond you have created,  those little quirks your children have the little fingers holding your hand. We all worry about when these moments will stop and they become too cool to hang out with us. Let’s capture those little moments now.


Pay the session fee


 All sessions are priced at £125 this includes the time during the session and  gives you a complimentary picture of your choice.

The Session ajkdafj

outdoor family image


A 1 hour session at the location of your choice, do you want to snuggle at home or go on an adventure.

outdoor family image



Pick your favourite images for £20 per image or if you cant leave any behind the full gallery can be yours for £275


Your kind words

The pictures she captured for us are amazing and we cant wait to get them framed


What if my baby/family won't cooperate?

I am not here to document a perfect family. Let's face it - who has a perfect life? I am here to document each member of your family's personality! It doesn't matter which one of the 7 dwarfs your children or partner is being that day! Grumpy, sleepy, sneezy! I have a few tricks I can pull out to get some smiles.

Where is the session held?

These can be held anywhere that suits the family. Your house, the park, the beach or anywhere that the family love to go to!

My house isn't insta worthy!

Neither is mine! We will use specific areas in the house. So for example I use windows a lot and any areas that you are happy to use. Don't go doing DIY and cleaning like Mrs Hinch I am there to document your family connection!! 

What should we wear?

Keep it simple and comfortable. The most important thing is you are warm and comfortable especially if we are shooting outdoors. Try to stay away from overly patterned clothes and neon colours where possible as this allows us to create timeless images that will match with your house.

How long does the session last?

The session typically lasts around 1 hour but can be slightly longer or shorted if the little ones need it to be. If they are shy I may need to spend a little time just talking to them or if they are getting tired we can bring the session to a close rather than pushing them too much. 

What will we get and when?

After the session I will spend some time editing the images and these will be ready around 2 weeks after the shoot. 

I will then come to your home and show you your images at this point then you can pick your favourite images and decide on the package you would like.  

Can we order prints and wall art?

Yes, I absolutely love helping families pick products they can put up in their home! Pop over to my products page to see whats on offer