A Wedding Photographers Guide to the Best Ceremony Pictures

Dad crying during wedding ceremony

top tips for getting awesome ceremony pictures

Below are all my absolute favourite tips to share with couples so that they can get the most out of their wedding ceremony pictures!

unplugged ceremony

Think about having an unplugged ceremony – this means guests are asked not to take pictures during the ceremony. The benefit of this is that all guests are present and listen to what is being said – the other benefit for you is that in your images you don’t have aunt Betty’s massive iPad in the background of your first kiss or blocking the view of you walking down the aisle. 

Bride walking into wedding ceremony


Think about where you want people to be seated before the day. Who is most important to you? I’m sure you would want them to be seated at the front to have the best view. 

Top tip – Make a seating plan for the first few rows and give it to the groomsmen so that you know all those important people are and where you want them to be.

Top tip2 – Have your groomsmen fill in any spaces in the seats I guarantee its all you will be able to see when you look back at your pictures! 

Grandparents watching on during wedding ceremony


Traditionally people have their family on the same side as them now I am all for keeping traditions that are important to you buttttt think on this. It’s your wedding day your standing at the front of the aisle with your partner and you look across to the seats you are facing and its your parents wee happy faces watching you marry the love of your life!! I know what tradition I would be breaking to see that!! 

Dad crying during wedding ceremony


Lots of people have their bridal party stand at the front with them, now this is a lovely idea but there are some things to bear in mind doing this. 

You wont be able to see them!! They will be standing behind you the whole time. I love the idea of my bridesmaids sitting across from me with my family so i can see them during the ceremony. 

Extra bonus your bridesmaids wont need to stand at the front in heels for the whole ceremony

Having the bridal party seated also gives the photographer/ videographer more space to get all the good angles and move around to get the best images for you. 

Bride and groom first kiss


This ties in with the bridal party suggestion but lots of venues have limited space at the front where you will stand – big floral archways are very popular at the moment but bear in mind you will need to fit in your celebrant/ you and your partner/ space for your photographer/videographer  and have room for your dress (if it has a large train) and also an area for you to sign the register. 

Outdoor ceremony with lots of space

I hope some of these tips were helpful! If you would like to see any more have a nosey around the Blog area. 


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